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Whatever your question may be, our friendly and knowledgeable Customer Support Team will be glad to help. When contacting us, please make sure you formulate your question as clear as possible and give as much information as you can. This will get you helped out a lot better and faster.

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Some information you can adjust yourself in your profile (only when logged in), like your address and phone number. For other adjustments you will need to contact our support team via our contact form, live chat or via e-mail at

Withdrawals on Supergame are quick and easy. You just go to your balance page and there you see the cashout button, as well as the amount that is available to cash out. (Bonus money can be withdrawn once the playthrough is reached, see "Can I withdraw bonus money?" in our FAQ)

Withdrawals will always be processed within 2 working days and, depending on your bank, the money should be in your bank account 1-3 working days later. The minimum amount to withdraw is €10.

Following requirements are needed to perform a withdrawal:
- A validated account (see "How do I validate my account")
- A bank account linked to the same name as your account. (See
 *banking page in account*)
- You need to have performed a minimum deposit of €5 on
  Supergame in your player lifetime.

First of all, check if you have met the requirements for your bonus on our promotions page. If you think you are entitled to this bonus and you did not receive it, don't hesitate to contact our support team.

All games on are saved in real-time. This means that whenever you lose connection or your browser crashes, all you have to do is restart the game, go on the same stake that you were on and the game will automatically resume where it got interrupted.
IMPORTANT: Make sure you always have the latest version of Flash Player and your browser. Updating these will often solve the issue.

If you did this and there is still an issue, don't hesitate to contact our helpdesk.

NOTE: The more information that you can provide about the issue, the quicker and better they will be able to resolve the issue. Information like date & time, which game, stake, screenshots,... will make solving your issue a whole lot easier and faster.

Validating your account is necessary for several reasons (See "Why should I validate my account?"). To validate your account, you have to send us copies of the following documents:

For Belgian residents:

 - Copy of front and back of your valid ID card
 - Proof of residency (any official document (which states your
   NAME, ADDRESS and a DATE not older than 3 months). A sticker
   of your mutuality is also acceptable.

For non-Belgian residents: (Documents must be in EN, FR or NL)

 - Copy of your valid passport (page with photo) or front and back
   of your ID card.
 - Proof of residency (any official document which states your
   NAME, ADDRESS and a DATE not older than 3 months).
   A drivers license is only acceptable if this is the only form of ID in
   your country.

NOTE: Make sure that the documents are clear, legible and not expired when an expiration date is mentioned on them. We cannot accept unclear, incomplete or expired documents. If you don't have access to a scanner, we do accept photographs. Bare in mind that files must be in JPG, PNG or PDF format and cannot exceed a file size of 4MB.

You can check all available bonuses on our promotions page. When you check your account on the bonuses tab, you will see the ones that you are eligible for.
Make sure you always read the requirements for your bonus before accepting them. If you have a question about our bonuses, don't hesitate to contact our support team.

Make sure you have reached the requirements to perform a withdrawal (see "How do I withdraw my money?"). Check your e-mails (including spam filter) for messages from our support team in case they tried to contact you regarding your withdrawal.

If you do meet the requirements and it doesn't get treated, don't hesitate to contact our helpdesk via



You can also reach us by e-mail:

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